Your Dollar’s Journey to India

There are dollar bills circulating the world marked with a tracking code and website to follow each dollar’s journey. It’s unifying to consider where your dollars have traveled and the many hands they have touched. Each dollar has the potential to leave rippling impact each place it stops. Since The Global Orphan Project began partnering with local churches in India in 2012, many of you have faithfully invested to help serve children and families in culturally relevant, locally-owned way. In 2017, many of your dollars traveled to India, and we’d love to give you a glimpse at their impact.

Helping in Hyderabad

Your dollars helped launch after-school and adult literacy programs as family strengthening and orphan prevention initiatives. They provided clean water and a medical camp for children living in residential orphan care, many of whom are HIV-positiv, and the families who live near Bethel Gospel Church. In addition, your donation helped local launch a medical clinic completely dedicated to serving people with leprosy or HIV. (When you join us on a trip to India, ask to hear the story of how one woman’s leprosy was healed in two days!) And because of your generosity, three new staff members are making it possible to continue expanding ministry to the children and families of Hyderabad.

A story from the slums

One of our church partners intentionally planted a church in the heart of the slums of Hyderabad. Recently, the city announced a policy to eliminate all slums in hopes of becoming a premier commercial destination. Our local church partner, led by Pastor Gopi, was at the center of this effort (an area called NTR Nagar), and high-rise buildings were constructed al
l around his church with masses of people from the slums moving in. Nearly 400 people were in attendance during Pastor Gopi’s Christmas service! And in 2018, your dollars will help fund the construction of a new church and ministry facilities to accommodate growth and expand the church’s ability to care for the orphaned and vulnerable in their community.

Lasting impact in rural villages

Your dollars also traveled to fund the construction of a new well and cover related expenses for the farm at Sarampet, a rural village just outside of Hyderabad. This farm provides food to the children living in residential orphan care, as well as agricultural training to youth approaching adulthood and others in the community.

We’re also excited about the launch of a new partnership in a rural village called Ankanna Gudem, where your dollars helped Pastor Vimal launch a family strengthening program. We expect to continue deepening our partnership in their orphan care and prevention ministry.

There is a story being written.

Your dollars have traveled the world. They have touched many hands. And it’s a story that goes way beyond finances. Thank you.

To learn more about how you can be involved with GO India initiatives, contact Ryan Hudnall at Ready to go? Join us on a trip to visit our partners and the children in their care: October 14-23, 2018.