Philadelphia (Village de Vie)

GO Church Partner in Gonaives, Haiti


“My advice for someone who feels the call from God is they need to do it, because no one can run away from God.” –Pastor Pudens

The Global Orphan Project came alongside Pastor Pudens and the Philadelphia Evangelical Church to care for orphaned and abandoned children in the Gonaives region. Gonaives is an approximate three-hour drive north of Port Au Prince on the western coast of Haiti. This site has expanded the capacity of the Philadelphia Evangelical Church, who have been passionate about caring for children since 2002. Actively involved in the lives of the children, the church yearly takes joy in welcoming the kids into their homes for the holiday break at the end of the year. Pastor Pudens is continually providing ways for the children to be socially integrated into Haitian culture to alleviate social problems and confusion that could come after growing up in a children’s home. Additionally, Pastor eagerly shares his passion for music with the children and can often be found playing in the church band on Sunday mornings. As of January 2016, 23 children are in care at Philadelphia.



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Haiti: Philadelphia (Village de Vie)