GO Church Partner in Gonaives, Haiti


“When God calls someone, he doesn’t call you for something easy. He calls you for something difficult.” –Pastor Jeannot

Desire is a small village on the outskirts of Gonaives. Pastor Jeannot grew up there and was educated in Gonaives. The school at Desire began in 1988, and Pastor took over the leadership from his father in 1999 while at the same time starting a local church for community members to have a closer place to worship. Caring for the basic needs of the kids in the community became a focus for him in 2006 when kids were housed there for the first time. Pastor Jeannot preaches on Sunday morning in Gonaives and then preaches in Desire to the kids in his care and community members. Agricultural projects at the village provide for the kids and the village as well as teach the kids about farming. The kids love learning how to care for goats. Pastor Jeannot has a strong passion for helping both the children in care and members of the surrounding community. As of January 2016, 62 children are in care at Desire.



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Haiti: Desire