GO Church Partner in Cayes, Haiti


“Don’t look forward, because there are so many things that may discourage you if you look forward. And do not look back, becasue there are so many bad things you already left. The only way I can look is up and stare at Jesus.”–Pastor Renaud Clotaire

Cassamajor is located near Les Cayes, on the south coast of Haiti. Pastor Renaud began a church and started a school for kids in the community in 2005. His church dove into orphan care in 2007 when the needs of the community required a children’s home on the church property. Pastor’s deep love for others to know the transformative power of Jesus drives him daily, and he cares for the congregation and leads the village staff to care for the kids in his care. Along with his responsibilities as a pastor, Pastor also teaches in the school so that he may encourage kids to lead a life beyond poverty. The intentional care of the community from the bottom up has caused the church to grow and create a genuine community around the village. As of January 2016, 172 children are in care at Cassamajor.



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Haiti: Cassamajor