Toddler Beds in Texas

Do you remember your first bed? Beds for children and families in crisis are among the items most frequently requested through CarePortal. Meeting such a basic need often proves to be a powerful experience for everyone involved.

This week, a 3-year-old boy near Fort Worth, Texas was sleeping sideways in a pack ‘n play. Children from a church nearby—Fellowship of the Parks—carried his first toddler bed in just shortly after a caseworker submitted this request:

Request #9084: A single mother, age 22, is needing a full-sized bed and frame and a toddler bed. The mother has been sleeping on an air mattress, which has recently “busted;” she doesn’t have the financial means to replace it and her financial support is limited. She has two children, ages 3 (male) and 5 months (female). The 3-year-old is currently sleeping in a pack ‘n play, however, he has to sleep sideways because he has gotten too tall for it. The 5-month-old currently sleeps in a bassinet but is quickly outgrowing it and will need to sleep in her brother’s pack ‘n play soon.


Thank you, Fellowship of the Parks, for saying “yes” to showing the love of Jesus by meeting these needs for this mother and her children.

Children Helping Children

Isn’t it beautiful to see kids helping kids? If you have stories about children in your church or community stepping up to help other children, we’d love to hear and share them. Send your stories and photos to or share them on social media using the hashtag #SharetheCare.