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What $200 more means at Torit

GO Family, Below is an e-mail from our GO Africa team outlining another opportunity the Lord has given us to help the Church become family in South Sudan…

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I […]


The Church is Always There

“The beauty of church-based orphan care through The Father’s House,” said Rose, GO Africa’s Facilitator for Church Partnerships, to the Bishop and Management Committee in Torit, South Sudan, “is that when war comes, the church remains and continues to […]


Angelo's Story

South Sudan’s hard-won independence has left its mark on this young nation. One bright African described the country’s challenges by observing, “There are no casava fields planted here…there are no banana stands along the roads.” Amidst this need, Sam […]


A place of refuge in Torit, South Sudan

Last month, South Sudan marked its first anniversary as a country. Like many new countries, year one was difficult. Military conflict with the north, economic hardship, and political corruption pose significant challenge, but in the turmoil, God’s church is […]