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Angelo's Story

South Sudan’s hard-won independence has left its mark on this young nation. One bright African described the country’s challenges by observing, “There are no casava fields planted here…there are no banana stands along the roads.” Amidst this need, Sam […]


Getting to know our GO Africa Team

GO Africa Team pictured left to right: Wilberforce, Hilary, Alison, Rose & Sam
Wilberforce, GO Africa Regional Manager, North
“I am who I am by the grace of God.” – Wilberforce
Wilberforce grew up 1 of 14 children (5 who went to […]


Being Here

From video teleconferencing to webinars, from Skype to FaceTime, society has tried hard to replace the in-person meeting. While those are all good tools, it is still true that no substitute exists for Being Here.
Skype can’t help me understand […]