From Child Head of Household to Children in a Home

Mary, 13, and Timothy, 4, lived in Lilongwe, Malawi, with their mom who was HIV+. She fought the disease for years, until finally passing away this summer, leaving her children orphaned. No one in the community wanted them, so […]


Jimmy Starfish

Most of us have heard the story about the young boy walking the beach strewn with scores of washed-up starfish that he was throwing back into the water one at a time. An old man chastised the lad saying, […]


Beyond the Buzzword

Servant Leadership has become a consultant buzzword.  Books have been written.  Courses taught, and speaking careers built on giving us the secrets of influencing others by giving ourselves for them.  It’s about enough to make the concept lose its […]


New Homes, New Dreams, New Futures in Pothawira

Peter and Emma Maseko care for the children at Safe Haven children’s home day-in and day-out. They also care for the community at large in Pothawira, Malawi, through the medical clinic and soon-to-be birthing center. Recently their daughter, Anne, […]


A taste of Victory!

I like soccer. No, I’m not one of those Euro-wannabes who can name all the clubs in the Premier League and calls it futbol, but all three of our girls play. We love taking in a Sporting KC game […]


Faithful, by faith

First, a few photo updates from Pothawira…

Jake with Jimmy, Bozwell, and Roderick

Children’s Homes 11 & 12 being built.

“Dani” recovering from malaria with a little love from his house mama [Read Dani’s story]

New twins, Matthew and Daniel, under the careful […]


How did your Saturday start?

This morning, Peter Maseko walked into a clinic waiting room full of patients who were sick, tired, and needing help. He greeted them with such sincere Godly worship and prayer that, if not for the stethoscope around his neck, […]


Fate, Family, Future

What is the fate of a poor, HIV-positive, orphaned child living in AIDS-ravaged, rural Africa? Unfortunately, for many this is not a hypothetical. Their lives here end all too soon, but that is not “Dani’s” story.
Dani does fit the […]


The Miracle of Life in Pothawira

Two children were recently welcomed into the Pothawira family in Malawi! Here is an e-mail excerpt from our partner Pastor Peter Maseko:
We just received another set of twins today, both male and about 5 days old. The mother […]



Emma Maseko has been a Mama for a long time [read her story], loving family, both her own and Pothawira’s. Emma cares for women, supporting the house mamas on a daily basis and leading the National Women of Malawi […]