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Meet the graduates

Meet a few students from the GO Transition Academy Class of 2016:

Vergnaud Aimable

Age: 29
Trade: Agriculture
Grade: Graduate
Home Village: Marmalade
Favorite Verse: Romans 8:1 , Psalm 94:17 , John 3:16 , Romans 8:31
“God has taught me that I am in the GO Transition […]


Meet Dorceus

We are dedicating your Different December donations to meeting the Now Needs of children of all ages around the world, including young adults in GO Project’s Pathways program, like Dorceus.
Last August, Dorceus graduated from the first class at Pathways, […]


Sowing Seeds…Tailoring a Future

The year was 2000.  Sally had lived many of her years as a single mother and lifelong educator.  Her career had been sowing seeds of hope and dignity into the lives of thousands of students.   She sowed by teaching […]


Planting Seeds and Growing Futures

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.  – Mark Van Doren
At the heart of education is the teacher. Teachers have been equated to gardeners, architects and artists. A teacher sees into the soul of each student, […]


Pathways Graduation

By Stephanie Mutert & Jake Barreth
Beneath the gentle hum of a dozen sewing machines a small group of girls huddle together in a back corner. Feigning work, they unsuccessfully attempt to talk without moving their lips. No one seems […]


Chickens helping families

Jean Ronald (above)  is helping raise chickens at the GO Haiti poultry farm. A second-year student in the Pathways Program, he’s learning how to care for animals like goats and chickens, plant and grow crops, and is developing valuable […]


Expanding opportunity

We are expanding apparel production in Haiti to create more jobs! Our original production center has grown beyond its capacity, and we are finally ready to expand into a 24,000 sq. ft. facility where we will make beautiful products […]


Leader of the Family

Written by: Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert

I first met Jean Ronald, a first year Pathways student, early in my time here after moving to Haiti. I was wearing a Duke Basketball t-shirt and he ran up to me and pointed […]


A Good Day at GO

Anytime we get to send money to our field partners caring for children, it’s a good day.  Today was very good.  This month’s GO Haiti wire included funding to cover:

The daily “life care costs” of 1,007 children
Teachers’ salaries at […]


The young adults of Haiti

By Stephanie, GO’s Trip Manager
Sometimes I wake to screeching through my bathroom wall. Nope, not roosters, more human….it sounds like a plethora of teen girls, but in reality, I have lived next door to the Pathways boys for six […]