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What a Night!!

Nov 16, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

What A Night! Two quotes come to mind... That. Just. Happened! Ricky Bobby. On a more serious side: He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. Jim Eliot. On Sunday night, we went deeper into what we really are to give and gain. If you weren t able to make… Read More

CEO takes a "Road Less Traveled"

Oct 27, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Vern Cushenbery, CEO of Cush Capital Management LLC, writes about how a recent trip to Haiti was one of the more impactful trips he has ever taken. In his words... i Jan ou Ye is Creole (the national language of Haiti) for How are you? - one of a few phrases I picked up during my mission trip… Read More

New Food Distribution Program for Haiti

Oct 9, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Feeding orphan children is not easy, in fact when things like Hurricanes hit it is downright hard. That's why continuing to improve food distribution in Haiti has been particularly important. Some facts on Haiti: 80% of the people live off of less than $2 per day, 56% on less than $1 It s… Read More

Cookies Cure Hunger?

Sep 16, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Who doesn't love cookies, but can cookies cure hunger? We love cookies at our offices, we also happen to eat lots of salads at The Global Orphan Project (in part to balance out the cookie consumption). In fact a few of us have a favorite place to frequent to fill up on all the best foliage and… Read More

1 Million 'Recession Buster' Fundraiser Matches…

Aug 10, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

From retailers to car dealerships, it seems businesses everywhere are offering incentives to drive sales and help consumers stretch their budgets. Now, you can add The Global Orphan Project to the list. To help you stretch your charitable giving in a down economy, we are matching invest… Read More

Kansas Girl, 7, Makes Art for Charity, Builds…

Jul 11, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Isabelle Redford Sells Her Artwork Through the Global Orphan Project By ALICE MAGGIN Watch the VIDEO HERE>> July 10, 2009 Seven-year-old Isabelle Redford is a long way from grown up, but her art is more than just kid stuff. "I kind of always drawed because I loved to draw as I grew up,"… Read More


Apr 28, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

By the numbers Village Village Components 4 Homes 20 Homes underway 66 Children Kyotera Masaka Kabale 10 Homes Currently Under Construction Lira 10 Homes Currently Under Construction Read More

Haiti - Day 7

Mar 20, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Day 7 of our Haiti trip was a trek to our first destination, the village of Cherette, Haiti. Cherette is know for its heavy practice of Vodou and most of the area are pretty hard to get to (so you will need a good 4x4 and a really good driver), but we have a great presence that is starting there… Read More

Haiti - Day 6

Mar 19, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Port Salut and Arniquet were the agenda for Day 6 of our "romp around Haiti". Marsha and I started off early but we had a bit of a haul to our first stop @ Port Salut, which is looks a lot like it should be a beach town but no one is on the beach. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to… Read More

Haiti - Day 5

Mar 18, 2009  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Day 5 started with some of the best oatmeal I have ever had, I'm sure the sugar content will not help my aspirations for a triathlon next month but it was enjoyable nonetheless and got the day started off well. We had some big goals for the day, get as many kids profiles along with the mamas',… Read More

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