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Super Mario

One of my favorite GO Adventures images is from an early scouting trip we took to Haiti in November 2012. In it, my friend, Tony, is sitting on the running board of our M35 support vehicle—a relentless three-axle, two-and-a-half-ton beast of […]


The Far Side of the Desert

There are only two dirt roads that will lead you to the northwest tip of Haiti. The first road takes you west along the northern coast, over a couple of river crossings and through a near lunar landscape. The […]


Scouting Notes from Haiti: Baggage Claim

Port-au-Prince, Haiti—Landing in Port-au-Prince for the first time is a powerful experience. The heat, sights, sounds and smells are distinct and unmistakable. Neither good nor bad, this is, simply and beautifully, Haiti.
Within 30 minutes of stepping off of the […]