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Drawing Jesus' house

By Trip Manager Stepanie Mutert, 
Championing artistic talent in the kids within the local church’s care is an exciting endeavor. Comparably, it is like art class for the first time and discovering which kids are good at drawing buildings, which […]


Siblings Joined in Love and Circumstance

If there are multiple children from a family at a village, it is not shocking to observe sibling rivalry among those kids. Among the children that the local church is caring for in Haiti, there are many sets of […]


5 Images from 3 Days in Haiti

Flying back from Haiti, I’m filled with gratitude for all God did the last three days. I hope these word pics capture a few of the highlights…

 A Pound of Spaghetti. Aniove, a six-year-old sweetheart from Darivager (pictured to the […]


The End of the Line

Joe Knittig asks an interesting question. “If you back a food truck into a tent city and fling open the doors, what does the crowd that forms look like?”
The strongest men will push their way to the front. After […]


Scouting Notes from Haiti: The Road to Marmelade

Gonaives to Marmelade—In parts of Haiti, distance is measured in time, not kilometers. An easy drive of 45 kilometers may consume hours. Roads erode and form into wash boards that will shake out your teeth. Pot holes run deep […]