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One colorful day

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera
Crazy Crayola colors always make for a happy day, and the group activities taking place at Leogane are never a disappointment. Whether blank paper and pens or coloring pages and crayons, the children gathered across […]


Education and Reunification

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert
I met this young fellow in March of 2014 on my very first weekend after moving to Haiti. It was one of those unexplainable, supernatural connections in the first moments of stepping off of the […]



Written by GO Fellow Ryan Hudnall

The first time I heard the question, the suddenness of the question caught me off guard. It’s something I admittedly take for granted. From my American eye, it was a matter of safety and […]


On the way to Leogane…

Over five days, GO vision trip teams spend several hours on the bus, but the time is far from wasted.

On the way to Leogane today….

A 16-year-old girl shared her realization that “almost every problem in her life was a […]