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GO Green Warrior!

by Marsha Campbell
I LOVE the Green Warrior!  He is a zealous warrior on a mission to eradicate hunger and empower others to turn problems into solutions.
“Rebuilding a community and eradicating poverty can only be done sustainably when the people […]


Hope for "Dependents"

The life of a pastor in Uganda is an eye opener. We’ve been in Lira, northern Uganda.
We arrived to find the pastor hosting us in mourning. He just learned his 6 year old “daughter” died. She […]


Haiti Earthquake Updates & News

Haiti Relief Update (2/10/2010):

From Mike Fox live from Haiti:

Our friends from World Vision showed up today with about 200 toys (big cars, balls, and dolls). Out of the blue, they pull up in an old, ratty truck […]


New Food Distribution Program for Haiti

Feeding orphan children is not easy, in fact when things like Hurricanes hit it is downright hard. That’s why continuing to improve food distribution in Haiti has been particularly important.
Some facts on Haiti:

80% of the people live off […]


Cookies Cure Hunger?

Who doesn’t love cookies, but can cookies cure hunger? We love cookies at our offices, we also happen to eat lots of salads at The Global Orphan Project (in part to balance out the cookie consumption). In fact a […]