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Education and Reunification

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert
I met this young fellow in March of 2014 on my very first weekend after moving to Haiti. It was one of those unexplainable, supernatural connections in the first moments of stepping off of the […]


Did You Know that CarePortal is part of a larger vision?

You’ve heard it before; it’s the CarePortal motto: Every church doing a little. It’s a God-inspired vision of local churches working with local workers to care for vulnerable children in tangible ways. In the United States, this vision evolved […]


Exchanging Ideas in Haiti – 2015 Educator Exchange

A single flickering light bulb sways silently overhead as 25 students, packed shoulder to shoulder, stare wide-eyed at their 6th grade teacher as he slowly reaches into his desk drawer. It’s 10 AM at IMEL Primary School in Marmalade, […]