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Ocho Chicos

The number 8 gets a lot of play. Eight is Enough (old TV show). 8-Tracks (old music tapes). 8-ball (corner pocket). Figure 8 (ice skate). 8 at 8 (speed dates), but recently “8” took on a whole new meaning […]


A Better Idea

I did some thinking this morning. Maybe it was because I was too lazy to get out of my motel bed in the DR to go for a run. Maybe I’m just getting old and waking up early. Maybe […]


Something to Celebrate

People like to celebrate. We celebrate weddings and births, graduations and promotions. This time of year, we prepare to celebrate touchdowns. At the end of the year, we celebrate the beginning of a new year.
I’m a fan of celebrating. […]


Brisas opening doors and hearts

Trace Thurlby and Ryan Hudnall are celebrating with our partners at Brisas del Este in the Dominican Republic as they officially open their doors to children in the community in need of family…

Two boys, Richard and Hans, were just […]


A Good Government Letter

“I’m from the IRS, and I’m here to help” has served as the punchline to many an old joke. In truth, few of us have ever celebrated government correspondence, but at GO Project this week, that’s exactly what happened.
This […]


Abierto la puerta (Open the door)

Last night at Brisas Del Este, church leaders from Restoracion gathered to pray. One was a lawyer who has donated her time to file paperwork on behalf of the ministry. Others were house mammas to be, pastors, ladies with […]