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New Homes, New Dreams, New Futures in Pothawira

Peter and Emma Maseko care for the children at Safe Haven children’s home day-in and day-out. They also care for the community at large in Pothawira, Malawi, through the medical clinic and soon-to-be birthing center. Recently their daughter, Anne, […]


The Miracle of Life in Pothawira

Two children were recently welcomed into the Pothawira family in Malawi! Here is an e-mail excerpt from our partner Pastor Peter Maseko:
We just received another set of twins today, both male and about 5 days old. The mother […]


It’s not going to be this way forever

From Malawi:
One year ago, I was in Malawi with our partner, Peter Maseko. In addition to being a pastor, Peter is also a doctor. He uses both to serve God by caring for the needs of others. Over the […]