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Photo Update: New latrine at Biggarouse

Pastor Elysée Jean and the children at Biggarouse are praising God for progress on the construction of the new latrine at “Big House”.
“Sometimes we take for granted how something as simple as a working toilet can radically impact a […]


Laughter leads the way

By Trips Manager Stephanie Mutert

Small hands are tucked into my own and my arms are being pulled by my new friends who are in the care of the local church at Biggarouse. A cloud of laughter is contagious around […]


Raising Leaders at Biggarouse

Pastor Elysée encourages the children in his ministry to be proud when going to church, because it is by God’s grace that they’re able to attend. As a result, many of his students glorify the Lord in a number of varying ways. […]


A Trip into the Orphan Window

As you respond to God working in your life and venture into the orphan window to truly live James 1:27, it’s fascinating how perspective changes. Before, you were immune to the orphan and the needs of the communities in […]