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Fruit of his labors

Today, Odeness (right), our GO Haiti translator/team host, and I enjoyed coconuts from the garden/trees planted by Pastor and GO Project partner, Joseph Kesnel (left).
The ag project is one of many from the entrepreneurial Kesnel and his All In […]


Sarampet Farm: Holy Ground

Update from Joe in India

The Sarampet farm has nearly 9 acres, and about 2/3 has been cultivated, outfitted with drip irrigation, and planted.  These are the tomatoes (pictured above).  Drip irrigation is cranking. Beans, tomatoes, egg plant, etc. growing. […]


Preparing a foundation in India

The first pilot village in India is underway! The Sarampet village, just outside of Hyderabad, is slated for 32 children in need of residential care, 8 elderly people in need of residential care, and an after school program for […]


Multiplication at the Father’s Houses! Grand “kids” on the way.

Some of you may remember the story from our team’s Thanksgiving service this past January (Click here to read)
Exciting news!  The holy goat from Lira’s Thanksgiving service is now pregnant.
Grand “kids” are on the way! 
In fact there is […]