Starting the New Year with Gratitude


Happy New Year! Across the country, people are sweeping up confetti and taking down the Christmas tree. At GO Project, Debbie, our world-class controller, delayed some of her celebration to make sure that every cent given during Different December is available to help children and families in need. While she’s still working, it’s never too early to say “thank you”! You are amazingly generous champions for children. 

Here’s how we see last month coming into view: 

Your investment could provide school uniforms to thousands of students in our partners’ schools.

OR . . . 

  • pay their annual teachers’ salaries and provide a hot lunch to all each day . . . 
  • take care of the 24/7 needs of hundreds of children for a year . . . 
  • put dozens of young adults through our 2-year VO-tech/discipleship academy . . . 
  • launch CarePortal‘s ministry in multiple regions around the country… and then some.

As you gave with such an open hand, you will help fill gaps in doing most, if not all, of these things as needs arise in 2017.

“Thank you” falls short, but we never want to miss the opportunity to say it. On behalf of our entire GO Project team, our church partners, and the children God has placed in their care — thank you! It’s a privilege to serve Jesus with you by caring for them.

Happy New year, dear friends! Looking forward to 2017!

With gratitude, love and respect,

Your GO Family