Someone Willing to Step Out and Ask

Fundraising seems simple, but asking for money can feel uncomfortable. You believe in your cause, but will others? Fear, doubt, and guilt ask, “Who would give to me?”.

Jay Schlaegel, a junior at Texas A&M, talked with us about his fundraising journey.

When Jay was a freshman in high school, God nudged and beckoned the question, “What’s next?”. As these things tend to go, it wasn’t long before a clear opportunity came, and Jay was on a plane down to Haiti with his family.

Jay couldn’t look at life the same afterwards. That first trip led to another and another and another, and the trips continue to this day. Over the years, Jay and his family developed deep friendships with the kids in Hinche, Haiti. It’s human relationship and connection, like they experienced, that gives us the reason and courage to love others before ourselves.

So, this past semester when Jay was given an assignment in his nonprofit fundraising class to advocate on behalf of a nonprofit, his heart naturally beat for Haiti. Confidently, Jay stood before donors, talked about the kids in Haiti, and asked for their partnership. Jay was one of five students in his class to raise the max $1,000. We celebrate Jay’s efforts and are honored to partner with him to send this money to care for kids in Hinche. The gift will specifically go towards helping kids prepare for and transition into adulthood.

Fundraising is a simple concept and asking for money can feel uncomfortable. But Jay has learned that “giving, in and of itself, is a gift to a lot of people. People like to give.” 

He shared his wisdom:

People want to be a part of something they know will make a difference but are not always in a position to do it themselves. In asking for their partnership, both financially and emotionally, you provide a way to be involved.

After going to Haiti five times and fundraising for each, Jay was surprised. Going back each year to ask for money, donations didn’t dry out but actually grew. $50 gifts turned into $100 then $200. Partnerships strengthened as the impact of their gift was seen and felt.

Many times, all that is missing is someone willing to be a leader: someone willing to step out and ask.  




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