- prevention

Every family, no matter where they live, experiences good times as well as hard times.

Quite often, challenges beyond their control can arise from problems linked to poverty, trauma, war, substance use, food insecurity, and physical and mental illness. These issues have the potential to overwhelm families to the devastating point of collapse unless parents and caregivers are well-equipped with the vital skills, resources, and relationships they need to overcome them.

Our ministry and its partners dedicate the majority of our work to proactively addressing complex issues that can cause family breakdown. Our initiatives help strengthen families before a crisis can occur and empower communities to provide wrap-around support to vulnerable kids and parents.

- father's family
Family-strengthening program that equips parents with the skills to succeed
- careportal
Technology that drives action for local children and families in crisis
- goex apparel
Sustainable jobs and fair wages that empower parents to care for their kids