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Care Portal Technology Update: Using the Map

Ponder with me for just one moment. Let’s consider that classic scenario: You’re lost in the wilderness and have a very limited amount of weight that you can carry. What do you take?
Let’s also presume that, considering it’s the […]


What’s in a bar chart? More families being helped by the church.

All organizations like to show positive-performance trends.  These upward-sloping charts sometimes indicate increasing sales or rising profits to reassure current investors and impress potential new ones.  This Care Portal bar chart, however, represents something a little different: more local […]


Better than a Basket

Around the world, babies sleep in all kinds of places. Moms in Africa use wraps to strap little ones to their backs for hours. Closer to home, little droolers sometimes catch a nap while hanging like a cluster of […]


2014 – Counting God’s many blessings

Orphan Care

Residential Orphan Care for children who would otherwise fend for themselves remains our core calling. More than 2,340 previously- orphaned and abandoned children from 230 communities around the world are now in the care of their local church […]


The Care Portal's first request helps a local family

We are excited to share with you our very first Care Portal success in Texas!
The request was for a kinship family (a relative or person that has a significant relationship with the child) who was caring for, and in […]