Standing with a New Mom of Ten

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By Trace Thurlby, President of The Global Orphan Project — 

Meet Aunt Marie.

Aunt Marie started the year as a single mom living with her five children in Grandravine, one of the toughest areas of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Life was hard, but she locked arms with her sister, who was also a mother of five. They were raising their families together, until her sister fell ill. Three days later, Marie’s sister was dead.
With 10 children and no reliable income source, Marie was desperate. She went to her pastor, one our our local church partners, for help in caring for the five newly-orphaned children. The pastor brought The Global Orphan Project into the conversation, and we asked Aunt Marie one key question: “If you got some help, would you want to keep all 10 children with you?”
“Yes,” Marie answered. Aunt Marie now is “Mom” to 10.

GO has been providing support to the church who gives tangible help to Marie, as they walk alongside her family. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Marie and four of her children.


the global orphan project

L to R:  Marie, Murielle, Francine, Dunie, Wikenley, Trace

Francine is an 18-year-old who just finished 9th grade. She is flanked in the picture by Dunie, 14 and in 7th grade, and Murielle, 7 and in 1st grade. Woodforde, 11 and in 5th grade, was not in the pic . . . and the precocious 3-year-old, Wikenley, is the consummate baby of the family, getting plenty of instruction from his sisters.

Honestly and understandably, Aunt Marie looked tired. Who wouldn’t? But she is committed to giving her best to her family. The church is committed to walking with her, and we are committed to helping the church.


A global community caring for local children and families in crisis

Loving the orphan includes loving their family, and loving them well includes loving them where they are. As we learn more about what creates orphans, GO is increasingly committed to caring for children in crisis, early and often, in any way that brings stability, opportunity and love into their lives. Thank you for partnering with us and standing with families like Aunt Marie’s.