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Sewin’ Up A Storm (Example)

A myGO Project team supporting 2012 Team Challenge

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We are a group from Kansas City wanting to help children around the world, which is why we joined the 2012 Team Challenge! Our goal is to rally together to place as many $20 orders for kids clothing as possible. So why $20 orders for kids clothes?

GO Project set up sewing centers in some of the poorest countries in the world. The local workers stand ready to produce children’s clothing. You buy. They make. We call this glocalzing. In this new way, $20 lifts. Local tailors go to their job instead of standing in an aid line. Children wear locally produced clothing instead of old t-shirts. You buy, not to get, but to give. Together, global givers (you and me) team up with local producers to create opportunity and inspire dignity.

Here’s how you can help…

  • Buy to give. Purchase a $20 child outfit (or several) by donating above.
  • Join my team and help spread the word! Tell your friends about how they can buy to give, and help children around the world.


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Posted Aug 31, 2012 - 15:54 pm

Get ready for some fundraising!



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