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Santa’s Helpers

A myGO Project team supporting Teaming up for Léogâne Kids

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Josh decided he wanted to train for his first race. We selected the Santa Dash 5k to join some friends as a fun way to celebrate the holidays and stay fit.  Fast forward a few weeks. John and Josh attended the All Pro Dads breakfast at school. The story was about about a boy who helped collect soccer balls for a group going on mission trips to Haiti. This lead to more questions from Josh about Haiti and how he could help. As a family we discussed and decided to turn our fun run into a way to spread the message and help the children of Haiti. Please consider helping Josh and I raise funds to support the kids in Leogane. The money will go to helping fund tuition for the kids. Schools in Haiti are not public as they are in the US. They are all private and although the cost seems small, many families cannot afford to send their children. By helping fund tuition, these children can not only get an education, but they also are able to get a meal and learn about Christ. 

As our training progresses, we will add updates. 

Dec 2013

The Race is only a few short weeks away. Josh has been working hard. John has also decided to join us (Yeah Dad!). The weather has turned cold, but this is such a small thing for us to struggle through. As we train, we think about how hard life must be for the kids who either have no family, or who struggle for not having a warm meal each day. Knowing this charity is helping provide some consistancy in the lifes of so many, warms our hearts.



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Project Teaming up for Léogâne Kids

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Santa’s Helpers