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GO Walk America

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As of 12/27, 2,373 uniforms for children raised so far!

The number to the right indicates the number of uniforms donated since we joined the 2012 Team Challenge.


HERE’S THE STORY: Beginning January 28th, 2012, Barrett Keene began walking the 3,475 miles between Miami and San Francisco with hopes of speaking to tens of thousands of people to raise awareness about the realities 145 million orphaned and abandoned children face. The route travels through Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, and San Francisco. To learn more about the walk visit Sposored by, GO Walk America is benefiting The Global Orphan Project (GO Project), in hopes of individuals and organizations to sponsor school uniforms ($20 each) for orphans and other children living in rags. These children live in communities where children are not allowed to attend school unless they have a uniform. This harsh rule is in place so children will not come in rags or less. It is a fact of life and is often a reason why the poorest children don’t receive even a primary education. Through GO Threads, sewing centers are being started to create jobs and spur economic development in some of the most impoverished communities in the world. Your donation is tax deductible. In addition to education, economic development in these communities is paramount in the fight for orphaned and abandoned children worldwide. If 25,000 school uniforms are purchased, dozens of adults in some of the most impoverished communities in the world will have jobs at the GO Threads sewing centers. Additionally, 100% of the profit goes to offering shelter, food, education, and support for orphans in 15 countries around the world. When you (ONE) give to sponsor a school uniform for a child, you actually support THREE things: a uniform is provided to a child, jobs for adults in these impoverished communities are created, and caring for orphans in 15 countries! JOIN US Please donate at least one childs outfit/school uniform ($20). When you sponsor a school uniform, you support 3 things: a uniform for a child, job creation in impoverished communities, and orphan care!   Ask everyone you know to sponsor you per mile! Every time you walk, run, bike, or swim, log your miles in the Go Walk America group on Click “JOIN” in the upper right-hand corner and join us! CONNECT WITH US Read the blog: Like Us on Facebook: GO Walk America Follow Us on Twitter: @BarrettKeene You can always re-post and re-tweet all you want to get the word out!



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