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GO Austin Jammies

A myGO Project team supporting 2012 Team Challenge

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We are a group of Austinites who have been captured by the heart of our Heavenly Father and as a result long to reflect that to the world.  Here is one of our stories below.

The character of God is magnified in the face of the beautiful children who have been orphaned around the globe.  Until I became inolved in helping and serving orphans, I dare say there is a large part of God that I had not experienced.  Since taking that first trip back in 2005, it has been my joy to come along side these children, and in extension, these communities I have served in.

On that trip in 2005, I had the opportunity to put shoes on many little feet that had none.  I witnessed the chronic open sores that developed due to these bare feet running on rough terrain.  I often saw infection sink in, and without the daily amenities to properly clean and care for these sores they were resistant to healing.  The foot sores on the feet of these children became for me a symbol of spiritual health, but in reverse.

You see, on the outside these children are the most joyful beings I have ever met.  Bright, resilient, courageous.  But on the inside, there were things that had been broken over time.  The security of being loved and valued had been broken again and again by their experiences of being orphaned in this world.  Those places has been left without healing for many years.    And I knew in an instant that God had sent me to “bind up the broken hearted and bring freedom to the captives.”

Putting shoes on those feet would help the healing process begin by protecting those wounds from further injury.  Just like me pouring God’s love on those kids began their healing process.  And when I was gone, they had the love of Jesus to protect them from further injury.  It was then that I vowed I would do whatever it takes to bring love, healing, and life to orphans around the world.

Now, we are doing that through pajamas.  By providing local Haitans to manufacture clothing at fair wage. By giving them back their dignity to care for their families through good employment. By providing clothing for orphans.  By providing apprenticeships for our kids.  Want to know more?  Join us on this adventure!



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