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A myGO Project team supporting Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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We love GO Project, in fact its how we started Fervor (

So we are excited to RUN to help orphans.  With a $10 tax deductible donation, we can send a purchase order for a chicken to go to the children.  This is a low cost, high volume way to make a huge impact.  The farms also sell chickens to local Haitian buyers, with profits going to orphan care.

The farmers get good work to support their families.  The children get protein boosts in their diets.  Some older children receive life skills training.  All profits go to help pay for orphan care.  And there is DIGNITY BUILDING in this process.



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0 Days Left
Goal 20 chickens
Raised 8.0 
Starting March 6, 2013
Ending May 11, 2013
Project Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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