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Chickens for a Change

A myGO Project team supporting Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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Inspired by the amazing contributions of young ladies before her, Rebecca wants to help orphans in Haiti.  She has a cousin who was adopted from Haiti, just before the earthquake there.  She learned about the Global Orphan Project through her school, Heritage Christian Academy, and has raised money for the last three years to support the Global Orphan Project and other missionary trips to Haiti.  

This year, she wants to buy chickens.  In naming her team, she said “When you give to others, your heart changes.  When your children see you giving, their hearts change.  When you buy chickens, you give people jobs.  When you take care of orphans, you change their lives.”  She gets it.

We hope you get it too.  Please support our team!

Thank you!  

The Roses

Matthew, Sarah, Rebecca, Katie, and Laura



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0 Days Left
Goal 20 chickens
Raised 46.4 
Starting March 6, 2013
Ending May 11, 2013
Project Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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Chickens for a Change