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Chateau de Cluck

A myGO Project team supporting Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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Please help us raise money to purchase chickens for Haitian orphans!  Our family visitied Port au Prince in 2010 and our daughter will complete her second visit 3/25.  Every $10 purchases a chicken, pays the worker and feeds the children. 

Our family began raising chickens last Spring and call our home/farm, Chateau de Cluck.  It has become a passion of ours and after hearing Global Orphans new project of raising chickens, we knew we had to participate!  





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Goal 50 chickens
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Starting March 6, 2013
Ending May 11, 2013
Project Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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Chateau de Cluck