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Allen’s Peeps

A myGO Project team supporting Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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This is a team being put together of Allen’s running peeps, whether they are from my employement, KUMED, church friends, or general peeps I know from being around for a very long time! 

Come run with me MAY 11th to help raise money for orphans!  It’s always a great time and the run is in the beautiful ENGLISH LANDING PARK IN PARKVILLE, MO!!!

Hey, you may not be a runner but would like to walk’ this is a 2 mile walk also- and still be on the team!!!  

But then there are those that is recieving this and live way to far to join the team- NEVER FEAR- the opportunity to donate to the orphans so they can have their chicks is just a button push away in the upper left hand corner- just hit DONATE!!!  It’s safe people; it’s 2013!  

Runner, walkers, friends, family, please consider giving to this wonderful organization!  Thanks for your support in advance!!!




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0 Days Left
Goal 25 chickens
Raised 100.0 
Starting March 6, 2013
Ending May 11, 2013
Project Run for Chickens - 2013 GO Project 5K

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Allen's Peeps!
Allen’s Peeps