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The Haiti Trio

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This coming spring in January we (Damey [mom], Cade [son], and Noel [son]) would like to go on a mission trip to Haiti with The Global Orphan Project and our church, All Saints Presbyterian. In Haiti we would be going to orphanages supported by our church to give the children our help, joy, playfulness, and nourishment. We would be helping kids that don’t usually get one-on-one attention. We are asking that you keep us in your minds and be praying for us along the way. We are trying to raise enough money to get to Haiti and would love your help getting us there.

A note from Noel: I’ve been on trips before but none like this. Here in America there is danger, but not so that you would need protection on any serious level. In Haiti, in a few select places, we’ll have armed guards with us. What’s that like? It’s my lack of experienced understanding that makes this trip personal to me. I want to be with these children and have it be so that we take a step out of reality together; there are no armed guards or worries about if they (the children) have enough to eat that day, there is only the present joy. That’s what I want to be a part of. Help us get there.

A note from Cade: I’ve never been on a mission trip before and am very excited to be going on one now. I’m also good with kids, so this will be a great time for me to connect with other people and for me to show my loving and caring side a whole lot more. On this trip I’m hoping to learn more about the things going on in Haiti and how we can help. I love helping and giving to people, and that’s what I’m going to do. You can also help in Haiti. By helping us get there you are helping the people of Haiti. Please help us get out there to help Haiti.

A note from Damey: When Noel shared this mission trip with me my heart leapt for joy. Literally, I could feel the loving energy present in my hands.. as if I couldn’t wait to touch these children to show them love and hope. As we explored the idea of going all together I became present to the magnificent opportunity to experience the love of Christ with my boys. The world is so much bigger than we can imagine here in the states, and if my children can see and touch other cultures in a meaningful way, I believe their lives will be made richer. And as with all travel, new sensations and images help us to be more present and slow down to see the beauty around us. My hope is that we all touch a part of our humanity that we have yet to experience.  I appreciate your contribution, however big or small. With love, Damey


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