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Teaming up for Léogâne Kids

A myGO Project funding Education

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Friends and family can help the kids in  Léogâne by creating teams to help send the children to school!

God has asked us to embrace the kids of Léogâne, Haiti by partnering with the local church, Eben Ezer Evangelique, to meet the multiple types of needs they have.  For at-risk kids, the urgent need is food and education to keep them with their families. For orphans living in the GO children’s homes, there are ongoing needs for repairs, improvements, and expansion in the orphan village. Today there are many children in families on the brink of collapse.  If a family member cannot afford to feed a child or send him or her to school (most schools in Haiti are private), sometimes the child is abandoned.  By funding the school at Eben Ezer Léogâne, one meal a day and schooling can be provided for at risk children, which in many cases is enough to keep them with their families. That’s exciting! We refer to this as Orphan Prevention.  In addition, the school serves the village orphans who already attend. Giving these children a Christian education helps prepare them to be godly leaders for Haiti’s future. 225 children are able to attend the school this year.  The amount needed to fund the school and keep this going is $3,000 each month.

This is just the beginning of the story.  We’ve been making plans to go to Léogâne, Haiti, in January.  God only knows how many of you He will send on this journey to Haiti with us – to pray, to give, and maybe even to go with us. These children’s lives are going to be changed because of God’s work through all of us; we truly believe it! 

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Teaming up for Léogâne Kids