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Send Drake and Ethan to Haiti

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Family and Friends,

In February, earlier this year, I was blessed enough to be able to travel to Haiti with Global Orphan Project. On that trip I was blown away by the sweet, tangible presence of the Lord in Haiti, as well as fell in love with the Church in Haiti. I was able to spend a large amount of time with orphans who are residing in Church villages. Never have I experienced children with such acceptance, joy, and love. I have believed for a while now that God is doing something powerful and mighty with those who have been less fortunate, abandoned, and the fatherless- and was even more so convinced of this when meeting the children in Haiti.

While in Haiti, I thought about Drake and Ethan and the lifelong impact a trip could have on them. I have told the boys for years that God has a plan bigger than they can imagine for them, and that he will take all of their own hurt they’ve experienced in their young life and use it for a God purpose in the future. I feel as if a trip for them would not only give them the opportunity to establish a friendship with children in Haiti, but also give them an opportunity to meet the heart of Jesus in a different and possibly rare way. Since my trip to Haiti, I had put thoughts of taking the boys on a trip on the back burner as I thought there is no way I would ever be able to afford it. Recently I was made aware that the same group of amazing people I had traveled with the first time had scheduled a second trip to Haiti for January, 2018. The thoughts of taking the boys started to creep back in. Then last month both of the boys left their mama for a week of church camp, in which Drake had an amazing experience with Papa God. I could instantly tell a difference in his demeanor. When talking about church camp, he mentioned for the first time that he may know what he wants to do with his life. Up until now, when asked about grown up plans, all he ever had on his mind was to play in the MLB. ? However, he came home from church camp and spoke about wanting to maybe be a missionary someday.

So here I am again, wanting and praying and hoping I can take these boys to Haiti. I know this is something that just isn’t possible by myself, so I’m humbly bringing this opportunity to my closest friends and family and asking for support. The boys have both decided that this trip will be their Christmas for this year. All funds donated will go towards trip cost, passports, and vaccinations. All funds are also tax deductible. If for some reason we are unable to go on the trip in January, all proceeds will be sown back into orphan care right here in our corner of Southeast Kansas. We would be forever grateful if you would prayerfully consider financially supporting this dream. If you’re unable to help financially, please be in prayer as we take steps towards Haiti in January.
Thank you and we love you!

Sarah, Drake, and Ethan

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Send Drake and Ethan to Haiti