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River Kids for Malawi Kids

A myGO Project funding Education


The kids and youth of The River Church Community care about kids across the world. We’re taking up our role as agents of change in God’s kingdom. In the biblical story of Ruth, God’s people are told not to go through the harvest fields twice, but to leave loose grain for orphans and widows. We’ve got a modern day equivalent:  loose change.

Turning our small change into big change, kids and youth will be collecting change to support the orphan village in Pothawira, Malawi. Tithes, piggy bank savings and tooth fairy money are all welcome! This is also a perfect place to give a gift in honor of a loved one, or to forego birthday presents and give to kids who truly need them. There are so many ways to experience the gift of giving.

We’re excited to see our pooled resources grow. It’s amazing what happens when we simply do what God says – his Kingdom advances, along with our joy!



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Goal $1,500.00
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Starting December 1, 2013
Ending January 31, 2015
Funding Education

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Amy Gibson
River Kids for Malawi Kids