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Jean Attends Go Transitions

A myGO Project funding GO Transition Academy


Many of you have watched Jean grow up from a small boy I met in 2010 in Haiti after the earthquake to the young man he is today. It’s amazing to think the little boy who held my hand that day, scared and afraid is now a young man.

Jean, like all young men aging out of orphanage care, has the odds stacked against him. He’s more likely to end up on the streets alone, more likely to be involved in prostitution, more likely to be involved in criminal activity and more likely to commit suicide than his peers.

But there is help! An amazing program, Go Transitions Academy, which provides life and job skills training to teenagers leaving orphanage care, has offered him a place in their school. This program could literally ensure Jean has the future he deserves. Please donate today to help pay for his tuition in the Academy!

Any additional money raised will be donated to help other kids like Jean attend Go Transitions.

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Jean Attends Go Transitions