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Haiti Textbook Fundraiser

A myGO Project funding Education


• Orphan children in Haiti need books. School books.
• The students are bright. The teachers are doing an incredible job despite difficult circumstances.
• Approximately 1,000 children in 11 GOProject orphan villages learn
without the benefit of books for teachers and students.
• Approximately 75% of students currently in the village schools have
been promoted for the coming school year. They passed the
national standards test(s)……..WITHOUT TEXTBOOKS!
• The Haitian government will make new textbooks available to private schools at a discounted price in August.
• The cost: approximately $35 per student/textbook x 1,000 students = $35,000.
• This is the Hope for Haiti. Educating the Children.
• Please donate today so this window of opportunity is not lost. The Spirit of God is alive and well in these villages, and He will receive praise and glory for the unexpected gift of a school book.

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Goal $35,000.00
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Starting August 5, 2017
Ending September 30, 2017
Funding Education

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Haiti Textbook Fundraiser