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Go Tri

A myGO Project funding US Orphan Care


As an orphan for the first few weeks of my life, I thank god that I was adopted into a loving family that could provide for me. Not all children are so lucky.

We are called by The Lord to help the orphans. James 1:27 calls for us to care for the orphans, and Psalm 82:3 instructs us to give justice to the orphan.

With myGo Project, I am raising funds for The Global Orphan Projects ‘Adopt KC’ Fund. This fund lends support to families attempting to secure adoption of local orphans, but have financial barriers to overcome.

I will be using my triathlon/endurance sports talents and connections to spread awareness and fundraise on behalf of Adopt KC. I view this as a way to serve The Lord through multisport, and to provide for the orphans.

Many people might think that helping an orphan calls for them to go so far as to adopt an orphan themselves. This is not the case! You can first help the orphans by praying sincerely for the well being of the fatherless. Secondly, please consider a financial donation to Adopt KC, and help me in caring for a local orphan.

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Goal $500.00
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Starting October 12, 2013
Ending December 31, 2015
Funding US Orphan Care

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Ryan L Ross
Go Tri