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Gilmans Loving Léogâne Kids

A myGO Project funding Education


OUR GOAL FOR 2014 HAS BEEN MET! If you’d like to help us continue to care for kids in Léogâne in 2015 please GIVE HERE>>

God has asked us to embrace the kids of Léogâne, Haiti by partnering with the local church, Eben Ezer Evangelique, to meet the multiple types of needs they have.  For at-risk kids, the urgent need is food and education to keep them with their families. For orphans living in the GO children’s homes, there are ongoing needs for repairs, improvements, and expansion in the orphan village. Today there are many children in families on the brink of collapse.  If a family member cannot afford to feed a child or send him or her to school (most schools in Haiti are private), sometimes the child is abandoned.  By funding the school at Eben Ezer Léogâne, one meal a day and schooling can be provided for at risk children, which in many cases is enough to keep them with their families. That’s exciting! We refer to this as Orphan Prevention.  In addition, the school serves the village orphans who already attend. Giving these children a Christian education helps prepare them to be godly leaders for Haiti’s future. About 160 children attend the school now, but there is room for more.  The amount needed to fund the school is $3,000 each month during the school year. The current orphan village need is for roof repairs to fix hurricane damage, at a cost of $3,404. Is it possible to go from knowing almost nothing about a country and people group to thinking about it daily?  Is it possible to take on a new large family project just as all the work of moving is ramping up?  Is it possible that the funds can be raised that this group of children desperately needs? “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God’”(Mark 10:27) This is just the beginning of the story.  We’ll be making plans to go to Léogâne, Haiti, hopefully within the next year.  God only knows how many of you He will send on this journey to Haiti with us – to pray, to give, and maybe even to go with us. These children’s lives are going to be changed because of God’s work through all of us; we truly believe it! FB page: Blog: You can also give monthly to our project here>> by including ‘Gilman Leogane’ in the field where you can specify how the donation is used.

Another way to help is through shopping for Haitian and Ugandan made products at the Go Exchange store. The products are great, the business provides wonderful jobs, skills, and wages for the workers, and all profit is donated to orphan care. You can learn more here

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What a Spring & Summer!

Posted Aug 15, 2014 - 18:26 pm

So much to say, that we'll just give you the highlights and point you to Facebook for the details!

- We got to visit the kids in person in January and they were wonderful, beautiful little heart stealers.  Can't wait to see them again.

- The campus is more secure, because the exterior wall was raised and reinforced.

- The closets were funded and built in a few months!

- The kids are healthy and clean and the mamas are doing a great job meeting their needs.

- 6 children were reunified with their families!

- A guest house has been built on site enabling overnight stays and ministering to these wonderful children, their caregivers and teachers for consecutive days.

- All funding has been received for the 1st school year praise the Lord!!

- Teachers will be in an educator exchange/training with other educators from around the country and the States during the week of Aug 18th

- 100% of the 6th graders passed the national exam meaning they can move on to Secondary school!!

- Leogane school year begins again in September

God bless you for your prayers and financial support for these precious children!

Derek & Cori


Posted Dec 11, 2013 - 05:12 am

Bet you don’t spend much time thinking about them, we don’t.  They’re built into my building at work, waiting for us in hotels, filled to the brim in our kids’ classrooms and of course we have them at home.  Just a standard part of building plans right?

Not in Eben Ezer Léogâne.  Basic shelter, clothes, food, beds, and classrooms are all in place, but closets didn’t make the cut…

So our kids are messy!  Not crazy messy, just toddler and little kid messy.  Our kids have closets to hang clothes and hide toys in, yet their rooms, the hallway, the family room are still messy.  You can imagine the mess our 3 beautiful children make.

But, can you imagine trying to keep the clothing and personal items for 65 children straight!?  I can’t.  I don’t know how those mommas in Eben Ezer Léogâne do it, but somehow they have.  Well, not for much longer.

Join us in providing the resources necessary to add closets to the children’s homes in Eben Ezer Léogâne.  $2200 is what it will take.  We raised the goal by that much for this school year, to $32,604, as a further step of faith that God will provide.  He is ready for His children in Eben Ezer Léogâne to have closets!

We have started to liken the evidence of God’s faithfulness, to His children, through your hands, as a “snowball rolling down hill”.  If you had told us before we started this project that so many of our friends, family and people we are newly meeting would be partnered with us praying and giving for the children in Léogâne already, we would have been stunned.  The notion that we would be two thirds of the way to our goal in December would have made us laugh.  Yet God is the one who is laughing at our little plans and guarded expectations.  You all are making new pledges and giving so rapidly, we are having a hard time just keeping up with thank you notes!

May God bless you for sharing His passion for His little ones and keep them in your prayers.

-Derek & Cori


Posted Nov 14, 2013 - 16:01 pm



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