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Emma’s Trip to Haiti

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My description- I’m Emma Hampton. I’m 15 years old. I’ve been a Christ follower since 2009, but through YouthCrossing (my youth group) I have grown so much closer to God. I’ve always been very sympathetic to people. I guess that’s why God had always called me to serve. Through YouthCrossing I’ve been able to go on mission trips to usually the city of St. Louis. I’ve seen a lot of hurt and need everytime I go. I come back filled with this fire inside me willing me to help bring good back into the world. If I could travel the whole world and share Jesus’ name that would be my ideal life. So, through a small group leader(Tiffany Wild who has been a part of the Global Orphan Project for quite a while) I have been given the opportunity to start that ideal life. On July 20th I will go to Haiti to love and play with some of God’s children, also I will see how people live in a different part of the world. On July 25th I will come back, and I believe I will be changed by then. If you feel God calling you to support me in this journey I would be so thankful for anything you can give, whether it’s just a few bucks, some supplies from the list below, or prayers. Thank you! Thank you! Sincerely,

Needed Supplies:

Clothes (for both play and church)
Training bras
Shoes: Crocs, tennis shoes, church shoes
Twin sheets (NOT white)
Bars of soap
Kotex (pads for girls)
Peanut Butter

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Emma’s Trip to Haiti