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Burden for Desire

A myGO Project funding Education


Have you ever thought you really couldn’t make a difference when the world is so wrought with need?  That the hunger and pain in third world countries are an overwhelming impossibility, so why should we give to groups that we have no idea how much they truly spend on the actual need.  Our government may try to help but often the money sent simply pads the pockets of the already wealthy leaders that turn a blind eye to their own people’s need.  I know that feeling, I have spent years either turning the channel when the picture on the tv was too painful, or feeling overwhelmed because there just didn’t seem to be an answer for someone that isn’t in an elite economic group and I couldn’t make a difference.

I am so excited to tell you about a way we can make a difference, we can be a part of a group of people pulling themselves out of the mucky pit of hunger, lack of education, and a sense of hopelessness.  I ask that you join me on this journey as together we assist one small village as they rise above what the world thinks they are destined for and take hold of what God has in store for them.  God commands us to carry one anothers burdens, so invite you to join my family as we all help carry the “Burden for Desire”.  Sometimes we pray for God to move a mountain, often He gives us a shovel!

To read my personal story click here>>.  But for a quick summary….My son and I went to Haiti this summer.  One of the orphanges we visited was in a village named Desire.  This is a very rural area and making money is not an easy thing.  The one job that has somewhat sustained them is making coal but that is very menial.  There are a little over 500 families in this village and all use one water pump, which was added by Global Orphan with assistance from a Baton Rouge church.  The adults are overwhelmingly uneducated, unable to read or write.  The villagers typically eat once a day, possibly twice and meals are always rice and beans.  After being overwhelmed with a desperate desire to help Desire, I spoke with Global Orphan about what would best help this village.  The need that was deemed the greatest is education.  WOW!!!!  Not until that point did it dawn on me that here in the US our children have to go to school, it’s not an option.  I never even gave a lot of thought to how much of a privilege it is to have free education.  Lunches are even free if the need is there.  My son, who is deaf, was given free speech therapy, and numerous other services as long as he needed them.  All of the time I thought it was his RIGHT to receive those things.  Well, that’s not the case in Haiti!  There are 250-300 children in Desire, most who are not attending school at all because the expense is too great.  The expense is less that what we spend each day on coffee, literally, less than $15 per month.  But these villagers just do not have the means.  The ideas for improving the income potential for them are swirling in my head so if any of you have LOTS of money to donate I’ll  get it put to good use, but for now the focus is education.  There are 70+ children in the orphanage, the conditions are not great, however they are better than those of the village children.  They generally always get two meals a day.  Our goal is to raise enough money to pay teachers and feed all the children in the village one meal a day, so no one will start their school day on an empty stomach.  To do so we need $3,000.00 per month, which will cover the salary of 9 teachers and food. If you do the math you will see that is painfully low income for the teachers but we have to start somewhere.  That sounds like a lot of money and it is but here is the thought.  If 300 of my friends and family gave $10 a month we could do it.  Since I don’t know if I have 300 friends and family hopefully those of you that God nudges will share this with your friends and family or will give more.  Please pray about it, think about, just don’t ignore it.  If we exceed the goal I promise the need is great and there are some great sustainable ideas that I would love to help the local pastor, Jeannot, implement.

I pray some of you are as excited as I am and will join this effort wholeheartedly.  Please follow the Burden for Desire Facebook page to see what God is doing on a regular basis.  I am in regular contact with Pastor Jeannot and know he will be sharing thoughts with me that I can pass on.

Do a little research about Global Orphan Project and you will find their reputation is very good.  100% of money given goes to what you are giving for.  I could go on about this after being in the orphanage in Desire and seeing buildings that have been built and other improvements but this is something you will have to find peace with.  Perhaps you could just trust me, I do not like giving money that isn’t well used either.


Nicole Green

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