Where does the money go? Every project owner selects a fund to support. From contributing to sweeping sustainability initiatives to providing clothing for an individual child, all of our funds serve a critical need.

US Orphan Care

A myGO Project fund

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Join in the movement to engage, equip, and connect US Churches caring for children in need of family in their community.

On the one side, we have immediately adoptable children who live in State care, without family. The governments of Missouri, Kansas and Texas want these children to experience loving families. On the other side, a diverse network of local churches is moving, individually and collectively, to raise up families to care for these children.

GO Project serves as the connector in between the State and the Church, to help move the target children from government care through the State, into family care through the Church.

Sometimes extraordinary financial barriers block this process. For example, a wonderful and willing family may not be able to afford making their home handicap accessible to welcome a disabled child into care. Or an urban core church may need help rehabbing a condemned home, in which that church can provide family care to teen children in the State system whom no one seems to want.  The US Orphan Care Fund exists to remove such barriers that block this process.

Please help us build this fund to get our US Orphans from State care into family care.

Examples of projects supported by the US Orphan Care Fund

  • Rehabbing a home $30,000 – $60,000
  • Making a home handicap accessible $3,000 – $8,000

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