Where does the money go? Every project owner selects a fund to support. From contributing to sweeping sustainability initiatives to providing clothing for an individual child, all of our funds serve a critical need.

GO Fund

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GO Fund is a unique impact investment fund managed by GO.  We start and support vocational training centers, business ventures, and agricultural ventures, with all profits going to pay for basic orphan care costs.

Vocational Training

Orphan Care is our core ministry at GO Project. In our core ministry, we encounter the obvious: little kids in care become big kids. What happens when children become adults, and “age out” of care? The primary role of integrating these children into their communities, into adulthood, belongs with our local church partners. However, we help equip our local church partners in this process by providing “pathway” opportunities for kids. Such as Vocational Training. That’s where GO Fund kicks in. GO Fund invests in Vocational Training opportunities for some older children in care, and for other poor children in the community with no pathways to a productive future.

Agricultural Development

Local agricultural development is critical to move orphan care costs towards economic sustainability, and to create practical employment skills in the process. Food is usually the most expensive line item cost of orphan care. GO Fund invests in agricultural development projects for food production either for consumption or sale. The fruits of these ventures pour back into the children.

Business Development

GO Fund invests in businesses ventures, the profits of which help pay for local orphan care. These businesses are central to our model. They create jobs; create economy; and pay for children. We have found that capitalizing such businesses does more than create an income stream for orphan care; it often keeps the families of the employed together. Job creation is key to orphan prevention.

If you want to help…

  • Provide pathways for older children facing their futures, this is the place to plug in.
  • Invest in agricultural and business ventures, the fruits of which go to make local orphan care sustainable, this is the place to plug in.
  • Build entrepreneurial spirit, dignity, and lift in the process of orphan care, this is the place to plug in.

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