What is a Project?

YOU can help children around the world by creating your own Project. Use your creativity. A Project can be anything from giving up your birthday, hosting a dinner party, running in a 5K, biking, or organizing a garage sale. The possibilities are endless!

Start a Project

How do I edit my project?

1. Click on your username (Welcome, Your Username) in the top right hand corner of the site


2. This brings you to your Account page where you can update your profile , edit your My GO Projects and Teams, see your Donations, update your payment options, and view notifications.


3. Click on your My GO Projects or My Teams tab (depending on if you want to make changes to your Project or Team) and click on the orange EDIT button to make changes to your description, photos and video on your project/team page.


4. Make changes to your Project or Team



How do I share my project?

It’s easy to share your myGO Project! Go to your myGO Project or Team page. Click on the social media icon you wish to share on, which is on the right hand side below the progress circle (see below). Then follow the login instructions (if needed), add a personal message and share!

Social share tools

How do I tell people about my Project?

We suggest you start with an email to your family and friends, telling them why you are passionate about caring for orphaned and abandoned children around the world, and don’t forget to include a link to your Project. (Each project has it’s own specific url, which will take your family and friends right to your project.) You can also Like your project on Facebook, share on Google+ and Tweet about your page using the share buttons.

What is the difference between a Project and Team?

A Project is the most common way to raise funds. If you’re giving up your birthday, hosting a dinner party or organizing a bake sale you should create a Project.

A Team project allows you and your friends to create teams. A Team project is a great way to host an event like a 5K. When you start a Team, as the organizer, you’re able to accept the teams that join and update individuals and teams with information.

How do I invite my friends to start a team?

Share your Team Project with your friends and family by sending them a link to your page. (Each team project has it’s own specific url.) Your friends can start a team to support your project by clicking Start a Team, and then logging in or creating their own myGO account to create their own team. As the organizer, you will be notified when someone requests to start a team. Once you accept their request, their team will be created!

How do I invite my friends to join my Team?

Share your team fundraising page with everyone you know! Friends can join your team by clicking Join, then logging in or creating their own myGO account. You will receive a notification when someone wants to join your team; accept their request and they will become a member of your team.

How do I see who has donated to my project or team?

Once logged in to myGO, click on your username in the top right. This will take you to your Account page. Select either the My GO Projects or My Teams tab (depending on what type of project you created), which will list all active and inactive projects/teams you have created or joined. Click Manage beside the project/team project you want to check.


You will then see Export Donor Info on the right side of the page. Click the orange Export Donor Info button and select Open or Save File to download (CSV file).


This file contains all donations given to your project or team, but it does not include contact information for donors who chose to give anonymously. When your project is complete, use this information to contact your donors (who have given you their contact info) and thank them for giving to your project.

(Note for Team Projects: only team owners can see donations made to their team; participants can not.)

Is my gift to The Global Orphan Project tax deductible?

Yes. The Global Orphan Project is a 501c3 organization. All gifts within IRS guidelines are tax deductible. You will receive a letter documenting the deductibility of your gift in the first quarter of the year following the year of your donation.

Is my donation secure?

The Global Orphan Project is committed to keeping your sensitive data safe and secure.

Our security policy to protect your information
Sensitive data such as credit card numbers are encrypted using SSL and other industry standard measures, to provide an additional level of security. To ensure transactions are secure, we use a 128 bit SSL certificate. A 128 bit SSL certificate is a digital document that has unique codes to identify the holder of the SSL certificate to the person accessing the site. The transfer of online information and data to and from our site is protected by an SSL (Secure Server Layer) session, allowing web browsers to verify the authenticity of our site and to communicate with our site securely. This protects confidential information from interception and hacking and encrypts any information exchanged during this session. It is your responsibility to keep your password secure at all times to avoid unauthorized use of your GO Project account.

For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Who is The Global Orphan Project?

The Global Orphan Project, Inc. (GO Project or GO) is a global orphan care ministry headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Learn more about GO HERE>>

Do I need an account to make a donation?

You do not need to register or create an account to donate to a myGO Project.

How are you different than other international organizations caring for children in poverty?

  • First, we focus on the lowest strata of children who have no viable caretakers or means of care; children who desperately need complete residential care. When you dig deep into other international childcare organizations, you’ll find that many do not focus on orphan care at the lowest strata.
  • Second, our model is unique. We emphasize local church owned, base level, sustainable care. It’s a humble community based care model, using the local church as the centering point. You can read about our model in greater detail here.
  • Third, we offer our 100% Commitment for orphan care donations. You can read more about our 100% Commitment here.
  • Fourth, GO Project expands ‘inside out’ through viral relationships. We don’t do direct mailers, infomercials, or broad based marketing. We don’t donor hunt. Rather, when God brings people ready to engage, we try to help them go deeper to the heart of orphan care with a first person experience. We encourage them to share this work and their experience within their circles. Many do, with great passion. That’s how our ministry expands its reach. We focus on depth, and trust God to bring the breadth.
  • Fifth, to this growing network of all of us who deeply engage – from families, to schools, to churches, to executives, to stay-at-home moms, to children – this ministry is family.

What is the 100% Commitment, and how is that possible?

100% of your orphan care donations go to pay for our sustainable orphan care programs. For example, if you fund a home or village, all of your donation(s) will go to pay for that project. If you fund ongoing orphan care, all of your donation(s) will go to pay for orphan care expenses. We do not use even 1% orphan care gifts for our administrative overhead or fundraising expenses. We are able to do this because several generous donors, led by the Fox family (GO Project’s founders), and other income sources fund our overhead so you can leverage your investment to the max.

Contributions for trip expenses, merchandise, event tickets, or other special programs obviously are not subject to the 100% Commitment.

Note that we are a member of the ECFA (monitor of financial accountability), and subject ourselves to an independent audit (including our 100% Commitment) each year. Learn more here.