Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle is a community of givers who share life as young professionals, many with young families, focused on funding projects that benefit children and families in crisis. 100% of a Legacy Circle members’ $100 minimum monthly gift will go directly to care for kids in the U.S. and around the world.

Second Funding Project: GO Africa’s Family-Strengthening and Orphan Prevention Program

Legacy Circle’s second project is to fund 14 of GO Africa’s newest family-strengthening and orphan prevention programs, called Father’s Family.

As a ministry of the local church, Father’s Family equips families with basic financial management skills, job skills and spiritual healing. Through its ability to strengthen families, GO Africa has helped reunify children with their parents and extended family members.

Because of the program’s effectiveness, the ministry continues to expand quickly in Uganda, currently serving more than 480 families and more than 1,200 children! Leah and her daughter featured in the video are one of hundreds of families who’ve experienced the positive impact from this program.

To impact the next group of families with this life-changing opportunity, consider becoming a member of Legacy Circle.

Legacy Circle 2019 Impact

In 2019, the Legacy Circle had a total of 67 members (families or individuals) and received $100,584 in annual pledges with $8,382 pledges per month. Accomplished goals: $50k for Transition Academy, serving 85 young adults and 14 Father’s Family circles, $50,400 serving 15 households per circle, four children per household = 210 households, 840 children. With $100k, this group served approx. 925 children and 210 households and an additional 28 local kids by providing Christmas gifts for them.

Previously Funded Projects

August 2019: Through the Legacy Circle’s investment, we reached our funding goal for the Transition Academy,
GO Haiti’s two-year discipleship, life-skills and vocational-technical training
program designed to help young adults make a successful transition into adulthood.