Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle is a group of dedicated young professionals who generously give their time and treasures to advance projects that benefit vulnerable children served by The Global Orphan Project. Members are invited to attend social outings and fundraising events throughout the year, and every penny of a Legacy Circle member’s $100 minimum monthly gift goes directly to care for kids in the U.S. and around the world.

Derek and Kali

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Hi, we’re Derek and Kali! We launched Legacy Circle in 2019 to engage the next generation of givers around this important and meaningful cause. Being a Legacy Circle member is a fun way to network with other young philanthropists while contributing funds that work together to make a bigger impact. Our members include couples and individuals whose diverse backgrounds, professions, and experiences make it exciting to be a part of this special group. We hope you will join us in making a difference for vulnerable children worldwide!

Current Project: Kansas City CarePortal Impact Fund
Goal: $50,000

Our third funding project will help catalyze the local church to meet the needs of children in Jackson, Clay, Platte (MO), Johnson, and Wyandotte (KS) through CarePortal. This proven technology platform enables the needs of vulnerable children and families to be discovered, shared, and met by local churches and community members, driving community engagement and connection within primarily under-resourced communities. Click here to learn more about CarePortal.

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Past Projects

In 2019, Legacy Circle members funded the following projects, benefitting over 950 children served by GO Project internationally:

GO Haiti Transition Academy – $50K raised
Impact: These funds enabled GO Haiti to prepare 85 young adults aging out of orphan care for the responsibilities of adulthood. The Transition Academy is a two-year discipleship, life skills, and vocational-technical program that equips teenagers to become independent, thriving adults.

GO Africa Father’s Family program – $50K raised
Impact: These funds enabled GO Africa to conduct 14 Father’s Family training sessions, equipping numerous local churches to serve and strengthen families through this newly launched program. Father’s Family teaches parents vital skills such as financial management, relationship building, job skills, and more while gaining spiritual healing to help them overcome difficult adversity.