Kids Helping Kids | The Malawi Challenge

From forgoing birthday presents, to biking across Haiti, this global family has done so many amazing things to raise money and care for kids around the world. This week, we’re blown away by the initiative of our friends behind The Malawi Challenge 

Chuck and Debi Wolfe began investing deeply in the lives of orphaned and abandoned children with our partners in Malawi in July 2008. This spring, they’re inviting kids across the U.S. to join them. Launching next week, The Malawi Challenge is an education-based community service project supports life changing initiatives in Malawi.  

How it works  

Any K-12 school in the U.S. or around the globe can compete in various project-based learning contests that focus on life, culture and education in Malawi, all while raising money for education in Malawi. 

One of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi’s lack of quality education is a primary issue in its struggle for economic development. It often leaves children, especially girls, vulnerable and without hope for a future.  

Only 35% of students complete primary school 
Just 14% of all students go to secondary school


The Global Orphan Project is excited to be a part of the Malawi Challenge this year. Our partner, Pothawira Academy, currently serves about 250 students in Standards 1-8. Pothawira is building a new Primary School and converting the current facility to a Secondary School for 160-200 students. The Malawi Challenge will help to build a state-of-the-art computer lab and science lab at the new Secondary School and support other development initiatives. 

Kids will be given the gift of training, education, opportunity, and most of all, hope. Thank you to all of those who will be participating in The Malawi Challenge!