Globally, there are more than 15 million children without a living biological parent. Learn how our programs are reducing that number
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Empowering local churches + communities to intercede for vulnerable children and families
At The Global Orphan Project, we’re committed to seeing every child cared for in a safe, loving family. That’s why our ministry embraces a holistic approach that brings together the family, local church, and surrounding community to care for vulnerable and orphaned children.
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Family strengthening initiatives to keep families together.
Local, family style care to kids who need it most.
Equip kids with life skills to transition into adulthood.
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For over five years, Susan and her ten children lived in a camp for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in the Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ethnic conflict had claimed the life of her husband, leaving her and her kids to live on sporadic handouts from charity organizations in order to survive. The best Susan could hope for in providing for her family at that time was to either wait for a truck to pass by with some corn flour or wait to die.

Last year, the local church in Bunia (the capital city of Ituri Province) launched our Father’s Family program, and the group picked three of Susan’s most malnourished children to enroll in the local school where...
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Our administrative overhead and fundraising expenses are covered by an anonymous group of dedicated donors, so every penny of your gift goes to care for children and families.
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