The Child is the Hero.
Global Vision. Local Care.

Community confronting

the crisis.

The Global Orphan Project exists to break the orphan cycle through the power of community, commerce and the love of Jesus. We believe children are not only our future, they have the power to change us for the better. Focusing on one child at a time, one situation at a time, we offer local, family-style care that is rooted in compassion, hope, integrity and the belief that every child everywhere deserves a chance.

Working through local churches we support vulnerable children and families along the spectrum: prevention, care, and transition to independence, and we do so through a combination of personal relationships and innovative technology.

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Family strengthening initiatives to keep families together.
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Local, family style care to kids who need it most.
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Equip kids with life skills to transition into adulthood.
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of what's given to kids, goes to kids.


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