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The trip fee is fully refundable, minus the cost of the airline ticket. If you are canceling your trip, please visit our Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies for more details on refunds and how to use your airline ticket for another GO Project trip or future personal travel.

If you need to reschedule, GO Project will help you find a new date to go with another team. We will rebook your ticket, and you will be responsible for the rescheduling fee. For more details, please see our Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies.

The trip fee includes all lodging, meals, in-country travel, travel insurance, and an administrative/leadership fee. Airfare and checked baggage fees are not included.

A minor travel consent form is required for minors who travel without BOTH parents or legal guardians. Youth ages 8-17 should be accompanied by a guardian. If you’re considering bringing a child under age 8, please contact us.

We’ll do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions. We also encourage all our guests to pack snacks. If you have food allergies or other dietary concerns, please contact us.

You must have a passport that is valid for a minimum of seven months from the date of your international trip. See the FAQs for the country you’re visiting or your trip detail page for specific passport requirements.

For further information, please refer to the following U.S. government links:


A mandatory $10 entry fee is required upon arrival at the Port-au-Prince airport. Extra spending cash is welcome but not required. Some locations we visit will accept your credit card. Please notify your credit card company of your travels prior to departure. Each trip’s itinerary varies, please ask your trip leader for a suggested amount of discretionary cash to bring.

Your safety is a top priority for us. Our accommodations include protected structures with guards on the property. While traveling, we always include a guard, translator, and driver.  Our itineraries are planned in advance of the trip and designed to ensure the safety of the team.

go guesthouse_the global orphan project_HaitiThe GO Guesthouse (formerly known as Jumecourt Inn) is owned and operated by The Global Orphan Project. Located in Croix-des-Bouquets, just a short drive from Port-au-Prince Airport, the welcoming guesthouse staff provides security and cleaning services, two meals each day, and a gift shop.

For more information about the facility, contact Jamie Davis at

Passports for U.S. citizens traveling to Haiti must be valid for six months following entry and include one blank page.


Passports for U.S. citizens traveling to India must be valid for six months beyond date of visa application and include two blank pages. Passports cannot include Pakistani stamps or visas. U.S. citizens seeking to enter India solely for tourist purposes and stay no longer than 60 days may apply for an electronic travel authorization at least four days prior to their arrival in lieu of applying for a tourist visa at an Indian embassy or consulate. Please visit the Indian government’s website for electronic travel authorization and additional information regarding the eligibility, requirements, and fees for this type of visa.


Passports for U.S. citizens traveling to Lebanon must be valid for 90 days following entry and include one blank page for the entry stamp. Passports cannot include Israeli stamps or visas. U.S. citizens traveling to Lebanon for tourism can obtain a one-month visa on arrival.


Passports for U.S. citizens traveling to Uganda must be valid for six months beyond date of visit and include one blank page for entry stamp. U.S. citizens seeking to enter Uganda must apply for a visa via the Uganda Electronic Visa/Permit Application System at The GO Project trips team is eager to assist you in this process.  Please note that the visa fee is not included in the overall trip fee as each trip goer must complete and pay for the visa independent from the GO Project trips registration process.

Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required for entry into Uganda.

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